Star Wars Comes to Robo Recall with a Fan made Mod

If you own Oculus Touch then your library should include Epic Games’ first-person shooter (FPS) Robo Recall. The well received title allows you to shoot and rip apart hordes of robots, it also supports community modsto alter the gameplay experience. Indie team MGS Studios has created several already, one of them being a Star Wars mod.

The first iteration arrived last month with MGS updating players via the Oculus Forums. There’s plenty for Star Wars fans to enjoy with the first build featuring:

– LightSabers in the new version dismember and deflect better and do not act like they are lead pipes
– Laser projectiles are just there for test purposes and will be replaced.
– AI have been slightly reworked to come more towards you and now multiple can attack at once (In stock for some reason most wait until you are nearer them or you kill one)
– There are force powers but not to use as yet.
– Started rigging Darth and some bots
– Will be story driven across multiple levels
– only made by ME and about 20 hrs worth including making the level lol so do not expect much.
– Regular updates will be for the donators but this thread will be updated too after.

robo-recall-star-wars mod

A further update then added:

– Menu System for changing colour of lightsaber.
– Some voice changes for the robots to some star wars ones
– Force Powers (BETA)
– Blaster improvements
– Lightsaber improvements
– No longer pushes the bots half way across the map when hit by saber and more realistic to the films
– Darth Makes an appearance with his saber although currently he does not fight but could be implemented but just not in the time i have,
– Tested out changing some bots for SW bots which needs a lot more work so again may consider doing after my challenge
– A few character phrases added from star wars
– Better projectiles but still in need of improvement
– More added to the main map and added a few extra sequences outside
– A few more bits

The team isn’t stopping there. Plans are under way to add Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, a new map and further tweaks to the lightsabers and more.

Checkout the video below to see the mod in action then head over to the forum to download it. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Robo Recall, reporting back with further updates.