SculptrVR Rebuilt for Google Daydream

World-building and crafting virtual reality (VR) videogame SculptrVR has been out since the 4th April for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Developer Nathan Rowe has now announced that the titles is now available for users of Google Daydream.

Creation can happen on several scales, from massive God-sim style perspective of changing landscape, altering river beds, building or destroying mountains right down to the smallest and most intricate of details that most people would never pay much attention to. SculptrVR allows the user to use both perspectives, either letting them grow to massive size and shape the entire landscape, or shrink to tiny proportions to carefully craft every voxel.

The aesthetics of SculptrVR somewhat resemble the blocky look of Minecraft, though the details are somewhat finer, perhaps more closely resembling moderately obscure PlayStation 3 RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes. It is entirely possible to move the sun and moon or add fog to create the correct mood for the user’s landscape.

Wit the introduction of the Google Daydream version, it is possible to play cross-platform with both mobile VR and tethered PC VR devices, allowing friends to create a shared vision for what they want the virtual landscape to look like.

The title is available on Google Daydream via the Google Play Store for £4.79 (GBP). The PC VR version is available on Steam for £14.99.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on SculptrVR and other VR titles and they come in.