School Children Get Virtual PenPals in Pakistan

Education technology company PenPal Schools has partnered with virtual reality (VR) content creators Chocolate Milk & Donuts to give children a new way to experience other cultures using VR.

PenPal Schools have released a new course named VR Field Trip to Pakistan. The course allows students in the US to collaborate with students in Pakistan to learn more about the culture and history of Pakistan and discover what is under the surface of the new reports.

“Pakistan is such a complex and beautiful country,” says Joe Troyen, Founder of PenPal Schools. “Considering the recent US travel ban of citizens from some Muslim countries, it’s more important than ever to build understanding and eliminate fear.”

The company is working with the All Pakistan Private Schools Foundation, an organisation that encompasses over 20 million students, to allow more students to have a Pakistani penpal. PenPal schools are opening up the VR Field Trip to Pakistan course to eleven countries and has seen over 1000 students enrol in the program already.

Sophia Bush is an activist and actress who has been working to champion the cause of equal access to education all over the world, she had the following to say of the project: “We’ve never had a greater need for a program like PenPal Schools. We need to help our youth to respect and empathize with people who are different.”

Further information is available on the PenPal schools website. You can watch a 360-degree trailer for VR Field Trip to Pakistan below.

Use of VR in education is becoming increasingly common as we have seen with Lifeliqe’s educational HoloLens project, and the HoloLens being used in classrooms in Norway.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on further developments for VR within the education sector.