Ostriches Playing VR? Samsung Has a New Gear VR Advert

At the close of the Samsung Unpacked keynote, the company showed the audience and those watching via livestream a very curious video to advertise the Gear VR.

The video begins with some ostriches. One ostrich investigates a table belonging to nearby house, looking for food. A Gear VR lays on the table. The Ostrich accidentally gets the Gear VR headset stuck on its head.

Elton John begins to play as footage of a flight simulator begins to play. The other ostriches wonder what on Earth is wrong with their friend as the ‘hero’ ostrich begins to run around and flapping its wings in a comical attempt to fly.

The video concludes with the words ‘We make what can’t be made. So you can do what can’t be done.’ and the hastag #DoWhatYouCan’t.

You can judge for yourself by watching the full video below.

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