RE’FLEKT Announce Drag and Drop 360-degree Video Platform

Content that includes 360-degree video is becoming more common as a means to promote and publicise events and places as VRFocus notes in its regular Life In 360 feature. A barrier to wider adoption of this technology is the difficulty in creating worthwhile 360-degree experiences. Tech company RE’FLEKT believe they have an answer for that.

RE’FLEKT have previously worked with big names such as Porsche to produce immersive content and now they have announced that they are working on a new platform for 360-degree video called REFLEKT 360.

The platform allows users to create 360-degree video experiences quickly and easily with a drag and drop system that means no coding or programming experience is required. A video needs to be imported, then virtual ‘TouchPoints’ can be added that will activate various immersive interactions to create movement, sound and other functions. The content can then be pushed out through the REFLEKT 360 app to all platforms, or customised for a specific VR platform.

“We created REFLEKT 360 to make it easier for organizations and content creators to break into the burgeoning world of VR with their own content,” said RE’FLEKT CEO Wolfgang Stelzle. “This new platform is part of our vision to make virtual reality more affordable and accessible to companies around the world.”

The app supports Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. RE’FLEKT are looking for parties interested in helping to Beta-test the new platform. Further details can be found at the REFLEKT 360 website.

VRFocus will bring you further information on REFLEKT 360 and other VR content platforms when it becomes available.