Race The Sun Gets Set For PlayStation VR Support

The PlayStation 4 version of endless runner Race The Sun will be getting a significant upgrade on 18th April, which will include virtual reality (VR) support for the first time.

Race The Sun developer Flippfly have announced that their abstract endless runner will be getting support for the PlayStation VR along with a new game mode and other extras in the upcoming 18th April update. Flippfly said that fans of the game have been asking for VR support since the early days of development.

The title has been out for mobile platforms, PC, Xbox One, Wii U, OS X and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for some time, with the PC version being released back in 2013. The videogame is an endless runner, the player controls a solar-powered ship as it shoots through an abstract landscape, with the object being to avoid obstacles while remaining in direct sunlight. Staying in shadow for too long or colliding directly with an obstacle will end the run and cause the player to have to start over.

The new update will come with a first-person mode to better incorporate the VR. To use the PSVR players will need to enable VR support from within the menu. Disabling VR mode simply involves turning off the headset.

The update will also include a new ‘chill out’ game mode called Sunrise, which doesn’t have increasing difficulty or a high score. Also, players will find that entering a portal will take them to one of five random destinations, including some new worlds that have not been seen before. The destinations will change daily in order to keep things interesting for the players.

There has as yet been no word on if VR functionality will be introduced to other versions of the title. VRFocus will keep you informed on further new on Race The Sun in VR.