Pixvana Partners with Akamai for Expanded Content Delivery

Users of Pixvana's SPIN platform will also be able to take advantage of the Akamai delivery platform with new partnership.

Pixvana launched the SPIN content creation and delivery platform last year with the aim of delivering high-quality virtual reality (VR) video to users of all types of VR headsets. Pixvana will now be expanding its reach by using the Akamai network to deliver content.

Akamai have worked with Pixvana before, but the new partnership will allow for a closer relationship between the companies, which should result in an improved experience for users as access to the Akamai’s secure content delivery network will allow for a reduction in latency and increase in responsiveness.

“Pixvana’s SPIN is a technology that improves VR experiences right now on many different headsets and network conditions, and it’s also positioned to work well with future technology,” said Nelson Rodriguez, Global Director, Media Industry Marketing at Akamai. “Combining SPIN with our globally-distributed CDN can offer customers an open-standards-based platform to deliver powerful, high-quality VR content to audiences worldwide.”


“Akamai is the industry leader in content delivery network services,” added Forest Key, CEO and Co-Founder of Pixvana. “Our customers are already pushing the boundaries of VR video. We’re thrilled to be using Akamai’s CDN technology for SPIN Studio, which will help our customers reach wider audiences with gorgeous-looking VR video. Low latency is imperative to feel truly immersed in a VR experience, and thanks to Akamai we are now even closer to that goal.”

Pixvana will shortly be launching a trial version of the SPIN LaunchKit, a custom software development kit for Akamai customers which will allow for the creation of specialist applications usable by other Akamai customers. Further details are available on the Pixvana website.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Pixvana and other VR delivery platforms when it becomes available.

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