Pick Up Your Beer with Oculus Touch in Drunk or Dead Update

Drunk or Dead came out of a virtual reality (VR) GameJam where developers 4 I Lab put together the core basis for the title. The videogame was originally released for HTC Vive, and now Oculus Touch support is being added in a new update.

The storyline is fairly simple, a zombie apocalypse is taking place, but only the sober are afflicted. As a result, the player stands near a bar, drinking and shooting the zombies that come at them in waves. Drunkenness must be carefully managed, however. Too drunk and your accuracy drops to unusable levels, too sober and you die from the zombie plague. Being drunk does convey its own form of benefit, however, as time runs slower when you are drunk. But too drunk and your aim is too bad to defend yourself. Too drunk or too sober and you are dead.

Points are awarded for killing zombies, how many points depends on the players level of drunkenness. The drunkenness meter also acts as the health meter, since being hit by the zombies induces sobriety.

The update to include Oculus Touch support has been launched today. Drunk or Dead is also also compatible with HTC Vive and can be bought on Steam for £4.79 (GBP). You can visit the Steam page for further details and updates.

Previous updates have included things like the option to bash in zombie heads with a bass guitar, and new drunkenness effects where drinking too much wine will cause the player to see the zombies in stereotypical French clothes. A St Patrick’s Day update turned the bar green.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Drunk or Dead and other VR titles when they come in.