Nokia’s OZO Integrates Into Qello Platform

As part of the upgrade to Nokia’s OZO platform, Nokia and Qello have announced a partnership that will allow Qello to become the new monetisation platform for virtual reality (VR) content produced on with the OZO camera.

The new partnership will allow content creators who are using the OZO camera along with OZO Live to use models such as pay-per-view and video-on-demand in order to boost incoming revenue. The new integration is designed to be particularly beneficial to the music and sports sectors, whose use of VR and 360-degree video is growing.

“Right now the typical revenue model for 360 and VR, is sponsorship while limited content creators are doing some ad monetization,” said Brian Lisi, founder and president of technology, Qello. “Providing the ability to monetize directly with consumers using a single ecosystem of services through Qello, opens up countless opportunities for creators and makes the OZO an even more transformative device in the professional content community.”


Qello believe that this new partnership will help expand their footprint in the area of 360-degree video and VR, allowing the company to potentially provide other services to OZO users, such as billing, marketing and analytics.

“Enabling a powerful monetization engine for OZO content creators is an important part of the larger ecosystem and will help validate the premium VR experience,” said Tarif Sayed, head of VR technologies at Nokia, the company’s advanced technology and licensing business. “Qello’s ability to manage the digital workflow leveraging their own suite of services, rather than a network of third-party integrations, made it an easy choice.”

Earlier this week Nokia announced another partnership, this time with Lucasfilm to immersive behind-the-scenes content for Star Wars: The Last Jedi using its professional grade OZO 360-degree camera.

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