New Syndrome Screenshots Revealed

PlayStation VR's Syndrome gets some brand new screenshots showing the FPS action.

Following the confirmation last week that Syndrome would see release on PlayStation VR in the not too distant future, a selection of new screenshots from the videogame has appeared. A science-fiction horror title in virtual reality (VR), Syndrome charges the player with survival against the odds as their former crewmates vie for their blood.

To survive the horror of what is left of the crew, Syndrome tasks players with first arming themselves. Very few weapons are scattered about and ammunition is scarce; far from adequate to deal with the transformed monstrosities lurking in the shadows of the ship. What’s more, these horrors will react violently to every movement and sound, so players must quickly learn that hiding and breathing as noiselessly as possible is the best course of action to both avoid and defeat the enemies.

The new screenshots seen below are taken directly from the PlayStation VR version of Syndrome. It’s not yet known whether the previously announced Oculus Rift edition of the videogame will see a simultaneous release next month, but you can be sure that VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Bigmoon Entertainment’s debut VR title.


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