Mountain Dew Bring VR to the Party

The Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew is you prefer) are familiar with using virtual reality (VR) as they have incorporated it into several of their marketing campaigns already. Now VR technology is being used as part of the launch of the new Mtn Dew Label Series of premium drinks.

The launch of the new drinks range is based on the success of Mtn Dew Black Label, so Mountain Dew are now bringing Mtn Dew White Label and Mtn Dew Green Label. The celebrate this launch, the brand are taking over and entire hotel in California on 15th-16th April. The event will be free and open to the public with plenty of the newly launched drinks around to sample.

As part of the celebration, one of the motel rooms is to be transformed into a technology hub featuring a VR experience titled ‘DEW VR Beat Drop’. This experience will let the user visit a classy lounge party… and then fall from an aeroplane in a skydiving/parachuting experience.

The hotel takeover will also feature special guests DJs and concerts, art by street artist Bradley Theodore, a specially designed merchandise collection created by VFILES, and appearances by the Mtn Dew pro skate team.

Mountain Dew have used VR in interesting ways before, as part of the DEWcision campaign between Baja Blast and Pitch Black. They have also released VR experiences for snowboarding and skateboarding and held a special event for the NBA which involved artists using Tilt Brush to create NBA-themed artwork.

You can watch a 360-degree video of the upcoming experience below.

Any future ventures by Mountain Dew into VR will be reported here on VRFocus.