Magic Leap Acquires FuzzyCube Software and Moonbot Animators

Tech start-up Magic Leap have been on something of a spending spree lately. The company have acquired software company FuzzyCube and several animators from Oscar-winning animation studio Moonbot.

Though there has as of yet been no sign of a hardware product from Magic Leap, it seems that the company are looking into the type of content that will be needed for their upcoming Mixed Reality (MR) glasses. FuzzyCube are based out of Austin, Texas and are known for producing iOS casual games such as BoomTown! And Chemo Calc. It was set up by former Apple employees, which possibly explains why Magic Leap chose to acquire the studio, since Graeme Devine, Magic Leap’s chief creative officer, also used to work for Apple.

Magic Leap also aimed towards acquiring Moonbot Studios, an animation studio who have been the recipient of several awards, including an Oscar and two Emmys. Talks into buying the studio did not work out, though, for reasons which some sources have said related to issues surrounding Moonbot’s intellectual properly. Instead of buying the entire studio, Magic Leap instead hired around a dozen of Moonbot’s artists and animators to come and work as part of Magic Leap’s content creation team. The resulting aftermath left Moonbot Studios effectively dissolved, though a new studio called ‘Flight School’ is in the works formed from some former Moonbot staff.

Magic Leap

What this means for Magic Leap is not yet clear. Though the Magic Leap headset is expected to ship at some point this year, with a rather large price tag of $1000-$2000 (USD) no prototype has yet been shown to the public, despite the substation amount of investment that has been poured into the company by the likes of Google and Qualcomm. Some sources have said that engineers had difficulties even getting a working version together for a Magic Leap company board meeting.

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