Madcap Party Title Loco Dojo Coming to Oculus Touch

It's the first proper VR videogame from make[REAL].

Virtual reality (VR) production company make[REAL] is synonymous with creating immersive content for companies like McDonald’s, but it hasn’t created an actual VR videogame. Its sister company Tammeka Games is known for racing title Radial-G. That’s set to change with make[REAL] announcing a multiplayer party experience for Oculus Touch, Loco Dojo.

Featuring a Tournament mode for two to four players, Loco Dojo sits players around a spinning dice wheel which they use to move their counter around the game board. In doing so they open up 16 mini-games to compete against opponents in. Featuring some wild and wacky mini-games players will find themselves milking pigs, boxing eggs, stacking moles, whacking urchins, flinging cats, throwing biscuits and much more. This is all to gain access to the central temple for the final challenge.

LocoDojo Screenshot 1_Guru

When VRFocus spoke with make[REAL] Operations Lead Sam Watts about Loco Dojo and the inspiration behind it he said: “We wanted to start with something fresh and new, something a bit less dark, less sci-fi-esque (in comparison to Radial-G), something that was really lighted-hearted, fun, and a lot less serious. So one of the games that we always wanted to make was kind off like a Mario Party/Warioware game in VR with a collection of mini-games.”

In regards to the mini-games he revealed there are plenty of ideas in the works for more: “There’s a whole wall full of post-it notes that haven’t been explored that are ready for DLC and future content.”

Overseeing the ‘Table of Trials’ is the Grand Sensei (seen above), which make[REAL] managed to enlist the voice acting skills of the renowned Brian Blessed OBE. While the studio wanted a big booming voice for the character the team thought it might be a struggle getting Blessed, but: “never say never”, said Watts. “He loved the concept, he loved the idea and he agreed.”

make[REAL] has also included a single-player, Ten Trial Test, if gamers have no one else to play against, or just want to brush up on their Loco Dojo skills.

The studio lists average play sessions in multiplayer as around 30-40 minutes, while in single-player it’s around the 15-20 minute mark. Supporting Oculus Touch, Loco Dojo has an expected release date of 27th April 2017.

Checkout the screenshots below, and for further updates on Loco Dojo by Make Real keep reading VRFocus.

LocoDojo Screenshot 5_FoggyMarsh LocoDojo Screenshot 4_Seaside LocoDojo Screenshot 3_RockyDesert LocoDojo Screenshot 2_Countryside

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