LucidCam Taking its Upgraded 4K Model to NAB 2017

During CES 2017 in January, Lucid VR revealed an upgraded version of its 3D point-and-shoot camera, LucidCam. The new model now features 4K image capture for both lenses, and today Lucid VR has announced it’ll be taking the device to NAB 2017 this week.

Unlike 360-degree cameras such as Samsung’s Gear 360, or Insta360 Air, which can capture video and images in any direction, the LucidCam has a 180-degree field of view. Due to its duel lenses the camera can capture a 3D image rather than a flat one, giving a much more immersive picture or video.

LucidCam 360 rig clip prod shot face 2

For those that want full 360-degree coverage, Lucid VR also sells a mounting rig for three LucidCam’s, getting the best of both worlds, full coverage which is entirely in 3D.

“Our goal is to transform the way we create content live and share experiences with people around the world,” said Han Jin, CEO, Lucid VR. “LucidCam is the first and only 4K 3D VR live production camera. It’s versatile enough to mount on a tripod or fit into your pocket. You can livestream to your phone or VR headset in seconds so people feel like they are there with you. More importantly, because it is very compact, it is mountable so in a sports game, for example, you can even place it above the basket or behind the goal or fly it on a drone to get amazing footage that people have never experienced before. LucidCam allows you to scale your 3D VR broadcasting projects from one to fifty angles, so you can keep your viewers interested and show the game flow of an exciting sports match.”

“Imagine the creating, sharing and broadcasting opportunities with 3D VR in real-time. Livestreaming a sports game, a concert or event taking place anywhere in the world and making the audience truly feel part of that experience. It’s priceless,” continued Jin. “Having the ability to create this kind of content without expensive equipment and a tedious setup will empower more broadcasters and individuals to access the power of 3D VR livestreaming.”

The 4K LucidCam features include:

  • 4K images, 4K 30fps videos (4K per eye)
  • HD Livestreaming
  • 180° x 180° field of view (upgradable to 360° x 360°)
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • Improved image stabilization
  • Waterproof case to film underwater, up to 12 meters depth (accessory, available separately)
  • Mobile phone clip to leverage your phone as viewfinder at the back of a LucidCam (accessory, available separately)

Currently LucidCam is available to pre-order through the company’s website for $499 USD, with shipments beginning this June. VRFocus will continue its coverage of LucidCam, reporting back with the latest announcements.