Lost in Space With The Developers Of Lone Echo

Nina speaks to Ru Weerasuriya co-founder of Ready at Dawn about upcoming narrative space adventure Lone Echo.

Lone Echo is set in space and attempts to present the user with the option of being able to move in any direction without causing any of the motion sickness symptoms that many players report when using VR.

The videogame in set in a possible future about 100 years from now. The player takes the role of Jack, the first sentient AI as he explores his environment. Few details have been revealed so far about the game. Weerasuriya teased that the experience would last longer than 4 hours and feature a multiplayer aspect.

Ready at Dawn have been working on the title for approximately eighteen months. The project was originally much smaller, but as it developed, it grew into what it is now. Weerasuriya spoke of the multiplayer aspect and the concept of being able to recognise another player based purely on body language without needing a gamer tag or voice chat and what that meant for the social areas of VR.

Lone Echo will be exclusive to Oculus Rift and will require the Touch motion controllers, since the concept of the game was so tied to connection and interaction.

The full interview can be viewed below. Check back with VRFocus next week for more interviews with VR industry figures.