Liveblog: VR World Congress 2017 – “Ghost In The Shell VR – A Deep Dive”

VRFocus is back for our second day at this year’s VR World Congress (VRWC), set to be another packed conference with over 2000 attendees from across the globe representing all fields of virtual reality (VR) and its related industries to Bristol in the UK. Crammed full of talks, experience, software and hardware. With representatives from Microsoft, Leap Motion, IBM, AMD, the Royal Opera House, Samsung, Ultrahaptics, Oculus Story Studio, the BBC and many more in attendance.

VRFocus will be bringing you content throughout today. Next up is Sol Rogers, CEO and Founder of REWIND, who’ll be speaking on a recent project: “Sol Rogers, REWIND’s CEO & Founder gives a behind the scenes insight into the studio’s latest project – a real-time virtual reality experience for the release of ‘Ghost in the Shell’. The project is a partnership between HERE BE DRAGONS, REWIND, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Oculus. Built from the ground up with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity game engines, the experience brings the audience inside the sci-fi classic.”

Your liveblogger for the event is Peter Graham.

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