Life In 360°: The Cup That Cheers, And Also Meows

Cats are great aren’t they? I mean apart from the times they act like they are offended by your very presence or when they scratch the bejeezus out of your sofa over some deep seated and otherwise unspoken hatred of chintz.

I have spent the last two days on sojourn at the home of VRFocus Editor, and alternate Kevin, Kevin Joyce. A large part of this time has been spent being meowed at in a variety of insistances from his three cats – Toejam, Toby and David. The later is somewhat infamous as he has seemingly forever featured as Kevin J’s avatar on Twitter. (Speaking of which you should probably consider following him.)

Since I have spent more time with cats than I have in the last decade over the last two days I thought it would be appropriate that today’s Life in 360 video involved them in some way. So we’re off to San Francisco and to the KitTea Cafe – see what they did there? – an american version of Japan’s cat cafes. So if you fancy something VR in the background to dip into throughout the day here’s a whopping 1 hour 56 minutes of cat hyjinx.

Oh and a bunch of staff and patrons trying to have a crafty cuppa in a calming kitty atmosphere. Welcome to the “catquerium”.

VRFocus is back on Friday, not with cats, but with another 360 degree video for your mornings.