Life In 360° Extra: It’s A New Day, Yes It Is

It’s that time again where we take a weekend re-visit of a Life In 360° item and follow-up with some more information or content. We previously had one back in February where we revealed some behind the scenes information relating to the making of the Dragonwatch 360° VR Experience. This time we’re revisiting last Monday’s post where we featured all the 360 degree content coming out of WWE Wrestlemania weekend, which included interviews with WWE superstars Chris Jericho and Sasha Banks and also a near ten minute debate between multi-time World Champions (as well as now General Managers on opposite WWE brands) Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle on how a dream match between the two would have gone down.

A week later and WWE have followed up with another video, this time from during Wrestlemania 33 itself, and since we’re not likely to return to the ring on Life In 360° for several months it’s worth an add on. Especially as it shows the introduction of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E, aka The New Day, at the show. Who though not wrestling, were the hosts for the event.

WWE mounted a 360 degree camera to the New Day’s ice cream cart – it’s a long story – and you can actually ride along with The New Day down what is quite possibly the longest stadium ramp in history.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering what the trio are dressed up in, WWE had an advertising tie-in with Square Enix to promote the latest Final Fantasy title during the show – and who better to show that than the group who so often feature on Austin Creed’s (Woods) YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown?

VRFocus will be back tomorrow at the usual time for your first scheduled look into the 360 degree video content out there to enjoy.