Life In 360°: An Easter, Unnerving

Happy Easter everyone and welcome back to a sadly non-chocolate covered edition of Life In 360° and of course to another week in general of virtual reality (VR) news and features. One that is going to include F8 – the Facebook Developer Conference. So lots to potentially look forward to.

As for this morning’s video, if you were me, what would you have looked up in order to fill the slot? Well it just so happens that if you actually put in ‘Easter’ and ‘360’ into Google you get something very unusual indeed. You get the Easter Bunny. No, that in itself isn’t the unusual bit. But the encounter you have with the rabbit can easily be classified as disturbing, with shades of the film Donnie Darko about it. And by the end you’ll probably be convinced this was more a ‘Death In 360°’ than a Life In 360°.

It’s short, certainly. But not something you’re probably going to forget for a while.

VRFocus will be back on Wedbesday with another example of how people are using 360 degree technology. But be sure to check back throughout the day for all manner of news stories about VR and its associated technologies.