Life In 360°: A Totally Gorge-ous View

Our trip through 360 degree video continues this morning with our travels taking us to an iconic sight in America, and a geological wonder of the world – and no we’re not heading back to Wyoming yet again. In fact we’re heading to Arizona, a state we’ve not yet visited to my knowledge, to essentially admire the workmanship of the Colorado River. Which, over many years* has carved into the dustry rock what we of course now know today as The Grand Canyon.

Today’s video is provided by travel firm Trek America Travel, and features some amazing sights at some well known locations. It also shows that to save the ‘big reveal’ they get their customers to wear paper bags on their heads.

The video should however at the very least give you yourslves some idea as to not only the beauty but the sheer scale of the thing. It’s a difficult thing to to wrap youir mind around, VRFocus will be back on Friday with another 360 degree video. What on? Who knows! Come back then to find out.

*5-6 million according to one set of opinions, although others believe the ‘work’ was begun much earlier by another river that was a precursor to the Colorado.