Life In 360°: A Human Slingshot? Why Not!

Welcome back to another week of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news and features here on VRFocus. As I write this it is Sunday and the team are either flying through the air on their way back from Iceland and this year’s EVE: Fanfest or getting a well deserved break.

Whilst the latter does not exactly lend itself to 360 degree excitement the former certainly does. We’ve covered all manner of flights recorded in 360 degrees. In planes, on planes, under planes, diving out of planes, in jets, attached to a hang glider, over cities, above national parks, in movie helicopters, flying through hurricanes – the works. So where on earth are we going to find something involving flight in 360 degrees that we’ve not seen before? Well inspiration has partly come from this weekend being particularly sunny in the weekend. Indeed it has been the first really sunny weekend since the official end of winter hostilities by Mother Nature. As a result everyone was out in sunglasses and shorts like it is the first days of summer.

People do crazy things in summer. Things like, say, being strapped in a harness connected to some industrial strength bungee and stretched from two poles by a quad bike like you’re in a gigantic slingshot? Because that’s exactly what today’s video is. In human slingshot YouTuber Devin Graham (aka DevinSuperTramp) takes the Samsung Gear 360 for a spin and a group of people for quite the experience.

Featuring footage from handheld, attached and via drone there’s even a making of video which we have included too. It’s quite something to see, let alone ride with the people being flung backwards and forwards.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday for another edition of Life In 360°, be sure to join us throughout the day however for all manner of updates on the VR world at large.