Kenzan Studios’ The Lost Pit VR Coming to HTC Vive in May

At the SVVR Conference & Expo, Kenzan Studios unveiled a virtual reality (VR) initiative called Kenzan Arena. One of the title’s set to feature at the installation is The Lost Pit VR, a 12-person multiplayer shooter which the developer has now revealed will appear on Steam for HTC Vive.

One of Kenzan Studios’ original IP’s, The Lost Pit VR is set on the forsaken planet of Sulfyria, where six tribes settle their disputes in a medieval arena. Torn by social tensions that threaten their very survival, a seventh tribe (mystical settlers called The Silent Ones), strictly follow the culture of Sulfyria’s ancient alien civilization and organize the battles between the six.

The Lost Pit VR screenshot 1

Players find themselves on a hovering rock above a bottomless pit fighting to eliminate their opponents. There will be three variations of The Lost Pit VR: The Total Experience, for Kenzan Arena, where 12 players compete (10 on floating rocks with 2 on flying vehicles), The Training Ground will be for home HTC Vive users, with six players able to go head-to-head, and The VIP Lounge which will have live broadcasts of the matches.

“We announced The Lost Pit VR on our high-end VR experience Kenzan Arena and Kenzan Studios are delighted to bring our FPS to the VR home-gaming market.” said Ronny Tobler, CEO of Kenzan Studios in a statement. “Steam is a great platform to globally distribute our VR content as this lively and vibrant community members are located all over the world.”

“Our vision is an integrated gaming experience: we believe that the Steam version of The Lost Pit VR is the ideal in-home companion for the out-of-home entertainment version created for Kenzan Arena. In the future version both platforms can be virtually merged and make cross platform gameplay possible,” said Pascal Montjovent, Director of Creative R&D at Kenzan Studios.

Currently Kenzan Studios has just confirmed a May launch for The Lost Pit VR without specifying a date. Kenzan Arena is scheduled to open its doors in Zürich, Switzerland and Guangzhou, China, in August 2017.

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