Impeller Studios Hits $150,000 Funding Goal for Starfighter Inc.

Last month Impeller Studios took a second chance at Kickstarter success with its space combat simulator Starfighter Inc. Today that gamble proved to be worth it as the funding campaign achieved its goal of $150,000 USD.

Attracting pledges from just over 2800 backers, the current amount sits at $154,830 with 28 hours to go. With just over a day until the campaign closes the studio will now be looking to hit some of the stretch goals. These include a pilot skins set, adding two alternative options if the team hits $155,000. While at $160,000 there will be more skins for each ship. The stretch goals go all the way up to $200,000, so with the time left some of these might be achieved.

Starfighter Inc ship design teaser

To celebrate the achievement Impeller Studios has released a teaser image for a new ship design (seen above). Currently there are no details on the class of ship or where it fits into the roster with the other three, a Shrike-Class light fighter, a Pegasus-Class assault transport and the Hyperion-Class heavy fighter. From the image the ship does look massive with some sizeable guns attached, so it could well be a Dreadnought class design.

Starfighter Inc. has been developed as a spiritual successor to the X-Wing series, with players able to engage in various forms of deep space warfare. The ships feature both single and multi-crew layouts, with a myriad of weapon choices available, ranging from lasers, railguns, and missiles, to electronic and cyber warfare capabilities.

Full virtual reality (VR) support has been included, with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR head-mounted displays (HMDs) all able to run the videogame when it launches in 2018.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page for loads more details on the gameplay Starfighter Inc. will feature, including skill-based PvP multiplayer, component-based damage, ship customization, drones and more.

Funding tiers start from $10, and go all the way up to $10,000. The most popular has been the $25 tier, which includes a digital copy of the Kickstarter Founder’s Edition of Starfighter Inc. There’s also a new $50 Founder’s Recuit Digital-only Pack now available, adding some extra goodies.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Starfighter Inc., reporting back with the campaign’s progress.