Haptic Controller VRgluv Rolls out Kickstarter Campaign

Funding tiers start from $349 for a pair.

VRFocus has covered several gloves designed for virtual reality (VR) interaction, such as CaptoGlove, Manus VR and Finch, all aiming to improve immersion. While all these designs follow a similar goal, what they don’t currently feature is haptic feedback. So enters VRgluv, which has now launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

VRgluv has been built as a VR haptic glove that combines full force feedback, pressure sensing, and finger tracking as an all-in-one package. The device also features full rotational wrist movement by adding a VR headset’s motion controller to it, or for the HTC Vive, either the controller or Vive Tracker should one be available.


With full force feedback and VRgluv’s proprietary pressure sensitivity feature, the glove lets users feel objects whether they’re hard or soft, allowing users to squish, crush or mold a virtual item . Additionally, it can also recreate the shape of an object in someone’s hand.

Chris Taylor, CEO of VRgluv said in a statement: “Our Patent Pending technology will have applications in several industries including gaming, education, medical and robotics. Additionally, as an avid and early-adopter of VR gaming, myself, I am thrilled that VRgluv™​ is very focused on initially introducing our gloves to the gaming community. I believe that giving gamers the ability to use “virtual hands” instead of button controllers is literally a game changer. Finally, VR hardware is nothing without great content, and, we are already working with talented developers to create a suite of games that will make for an absolutely incredible variety of gaming experiences from the very first day that our Kickstarter backers receive their gloves.”

For the Kickstarter VRgluv is looking to raise $100,000 USD by 26th May 2017, and one day in has already achieved $45,533. Several backing tier are available with pledges starting from as little as $5 To get hold of the VRgluv’s themselves, customers will need to spend $349 for the early bird tier.

For further updates on VRgluv’s Kickstarter campaign, keep reading VRFocus.

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