GNOG Developers Release Level Trailers and Discuss Audio

Developers behind upcoming PlayStation VR puzzle game GNOG have released three trailers that show off what to expect from three of the levels within the title as well as discussing the intricacies of the soundtrack and how it came to be developed.

The post on the PlayStation Blog goes in to some detail about how the soundtrack came to be in its final form. Despite not being out yet, GNOG has already received praise for its soundtrack and clever use of music and sound. The soundtrack was composed by Marskye, whose original pass at the composition was much darker in tone, more in-line with the early concept art and early visuals. As the videogame evolved during development, it was recognised that the moodier tone was no longer suitable.


A new approach was settled on where the changes in the music could act as a subtle ‘reward’ for players, as each step towards solving the puzzle adds a new layer to the music, slowly harmonising into a complex soundscape and allows the player to feel like they contributed towards the creation of the music as well as giving them a reason to keep going in hopes of hearing the final composition.

Developers KO-OP say that they are hoping to release an official soundtrack for GNOG some time after the title has seen a full release. GNOG is currently available for pre-order from the PlayStation Store, with a pre-order bonus of a free dynamic theme. The full version will be released on 2nd May, 2017.

You can watch the level trailer videos below.

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