Finwe Unveils LiveSYNC App for 360 Video Presentations

At NAB 2017, Finwe, a company specialising in 360-degree video presentation technologies showcased its latest tool for iOS and Android called LiveSYNC.

LiveSYNC is an immersive presentation app designed for trade shows, product launches, tours, education, training, and sales, allowing real-time control of a set of synchronized users. The software enables multiple users to be observed in a multi-screen format, sharing someone’s view onto a big screen (HDMI or wirelessly via AppleTV), and adding and editing hotspots live during video playback.


“Finwe announced LiveSYNC in MWC just last month and beta tested the app with selected customers for a few weeks. Now we are ready to make the first version available for everyone”, says Juha Kela, CEO of Finwe Ltd, in a statement. “LiveSYNC starts with a focus on small groups and mobility; it is now trivial to create a presentation kit that fits in a carry-on bag and works anywhere. We are using Bluetooth, so there are no wires, no communication costs, nor a need for network infrastructure. It’s a great solution for all 360 video professionals who need a tool for demoing their content to potential customers.”

Whilst currently supporting mobile platforms, Finwe is reviewing a Samsung Gear VR version which is available to customers as a custom build. Other planned updates include support for stereo panoramas, positional audio, WiFi networking for larger groups and globally synchronized playback.

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