Feeding Kids Ice Cream With A Bow An Arrow? VRUnicorns Discuss #Archery

If there’s one thing you can definately say about VRUnicorns, its that you know when you see a game it is one by them. There are actually few virtual reality (VR) studios out there who have released multiple games and have claim to have such a clear visual identity. Though the fact all their videogame names start with a hashtag probably helps as well, be it #SelfieTennis, #SkiJump, #Utopia or their latest title #Archery.

It has been a while since we at VRFocus had been able to catch up the team, when almost a year ago we spoke with the excitable Julie Heyde, Mau Lawrenkowicz and Horatiu Roman on what made #SelfieTennis so quirky. So at GDC 2017 we sent Nina to grab Jakob Johansson, the Executive Art Director on #Archery to discuss just how you feed children ice cream, make pizza or organise the workflow in a toy factory using a bow and arrow.

VRFocus will be back with more video interviews next week.