Fans Produce Star Wars VR Video

Star Wars fandom is one of the biggest in the world. Millions of dedicated fans create new artwork, props, fiction and videos every day. One fan has gone a step further and produced a 360-degree video Star Wars experience.

Created by Jeremy Sciarappa, the virtual reality (VR) experience is just under 3 minutes long, and shows various small vignettes inspired by events from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies, all rendered in CGI.

The short film stars the viewer out above a planet, able to look at the planet below or the stars above until the Millennium Falcon blows past, chased by two Imperial TIE Fighters. From there, the experience takes the viewer inside the Falcon, where audio takes from the movies plays as events from the movies plays out in full 360-degrees.

The video is impressive for a fan project, though not perfect, it suffers from some stuttering, and the human CGI models are a little stiff, but many fans will love the opportunity to get right inside their favourite film series with this experience.

You can find the video on Jeremy Sciarappa’s Facebook page.

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