Defenders of the Realm VR Hits Steam Greenlight for Support [Updated]

It’s been awhile since VRFocus listed any Steam Greenlight games seeking community support so for Sunday here’s a recent virtual reality (VR) title to appear, Defenders of the Realm VR, developed by SPARKVR and published by Multiverse Inc.

Mixing up first-person shooter (FPS) mechanics with a hint of tower defense, Defenders of the Realm VR challenges players to defend their base from hordes of rampaging Orcs. Armed with a trusty crossbow – which seems to have rapid fire – players can cut down waves of various enemies, from hammer wielding Orcs and those with shields, to giant armoured beasts.

Defenders of the Realm screenshot 2

Fairly standard to start with, but that crossbow isn’t going to stop them all. To help Defenders of the Realm VR also allows players to set multiple traps along the route to the base. These include floor spikes and flamethrowers for the floors, there are even traps for the walls.

All of these cost cash which is earned by killing enemies, the more players kill the richer they’ll become, and the more dangerous their trap layout can become.

The Greenlight listing doesn’t state which headsets SPARKVR plans to support, but the gameplay video does look like it’ll be gamepad based, so Oculus Rift is a likely option. Also worth noting from the video is a brief – a blink and you’ll miss it moment – image of a Gear VR, telling users to press the touch pad to shoot, so there’s an almost definitely supported headset.

Checkout the trailer below, and for further updates on Defenders of the Realm VR, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: Initially this article stated that Multiverse were the publisher, however it is infact SPARKVR whilst multiverse operate as the publisher. VRFocus apologises for this error.