David Bowie Musical Returns in VR Form

Iconic musician David Bowie was always on the forefront of innovation in music while he was alive, so it should come as no surprise that he has managed to keep doing it even in death.

The musical Lazarus, which featured music from Bowie’s final Album Blackstar as well as from the extensive back-catalogue, will be returning in a new form as part of an exhibition at the V&A Museum

Lazarus only had a limited run in both London and New York, and tickets were hard to get hold of, selling out almost instantly to eager fans of Bowie’s work. The exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum is offering attendees the chance to see the musical with a virtual reality (VR) headset and experience the musical in 360-degrees.

The exhibition is called From VHS to VR, which features recordings of live theatrical and musical performances to showcase 25 years of British theatre. The Bowie musical is not the only thing on offer, as a rare recording of Ian Mckellen starring in Richard III is also being shown as part of the exhibition. The exhibition is due to take place on the 30th April.

Further information and tickets can be found on the V&A Museum website.

Bowie’s back catalogue has been used in VR experiences before, such as ‘Heroes’ for Oculus Rift, which features a dance performance set to the Bowie song of the same name. Other musicians have also begun to embrace VR, such as pop innovator Bjork and virtual band Gorillaz.

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