Create and Share Your own Social VR Experiences with VRCraftworks VR Drop and Share

Today mobile VR app builder VRCraftworks has announced the launch of its next product, VR Drop and Share, an app that allows anyone to create and share their own social virtual reality (VR) experiences.

VR Drop and Share uses 360-degree photos to create shared virtual spaces, allowing anyone to be in the same immersive environment as their audience, pupils, customers, family or friends. Called “VR Drops” the spaces can include voice overs to bring the experience to life, requiring nothing than a smartphone to create, share and view the content.

VR Drop and Share image

Users can create and view their own VR experience, dropping multiple 360-degree pictures into a project to create an immersive photo album. They can then invite whoever they like to tryout the experience by posting a link on social media, email, a website or SMS.

“The presenter controls the experience for everyone, when they move to the next 360 photo everyone moves too,” VRCraftworks states. “Using head tracking sensors, those in the experience are able to see where each viewer is looking, increasing the levels of engagement within the group. There is not even any need for a VR headset, for those that don’t like headsets or don’t own one, they can use their phone as a window into the newly created world.”

“Feedback from VR Drop and Share testing groups and partners has been very positive. Taking this information on board V2 is in the works bringing audio and text descriptions to enable more immersive experience.” said Jack Maddalena, Sales & Community Manager. “We also have been extremely careful to ensure users enjoy the immersive experience without feeling disorientated or suffering motion sickness that can occur when using other applications.”

The app can be used commercially, for example estate agents could show prospective buyers a property. Or someone could use it to remote view possible university’s, wedding venues, or even a holiday destination.

VR Drop and Share is currently available for Android devices with plans to launch an iOS version soon.

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