Climax Studios Launch two-in-one Shooter Bandit Six: Combined Arms on PlayStation VR

Climax Studios achieved early success in the virtual reality (VR) industry with its Samsung Gear VR shooters, Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo. Today the developer has launched Bandit Six: Combined Arms, putting both those titles together for one all out gun toting package.

As Bandit Six: Combined Arms features both video games PlayStation VR owners have 42 action packed levels across land, sea and air to work through, alongside a myriad of unlockables, perks and upgrades for all of their weapons. The experience has been optimised to make the most of the PlayStation VR, with increased performance and enhanced visuals.

“Its incredible to think only 2 years into this new wave of VR that we are already on our 10th title. We are massively excited to be launching on PlayStation VR especially with Bandit Six: Combined Arms as it is a title that gamers love,” said Simon Gardner, CEO, in a statement. “We really believe in VR and the PlayStation VR ecosystem has had a fantastic start, which we look forward to supporting more in the coming months.”

Bandit Six: Combined Arms is available today through the PlayStation store for £9.99 GBP, $12.99 USD, €12.99 EUR.
Checkout the launch trailer below, and for further Climax Studios updates, keep reading VRFocus.