Chemical Brothers go Virtual with new Music Video

Under Neon Lights is an animated VR experience.

Electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers have been working together with virtual reality (VR) content creators Within to produce a VR animated music video for their new single Under Neon Lights.

The Under Neon Lights video follows the story of a girl as she runs through colourful animated environments that represent the different stages of her life before finally culminating in her floating freely to represent letting go of the past.

The Chemical Brothers themselves had this to say: “We’ve always been intrigued by different visual interpretations of our music, so we were excited to see what the Within team would come up with in VR.”

The music video, or music experience, is in fact procedurally-generated, which changes based upon how the viewer interacts with the environment. The video of course follows the beats and melody’s of the music, but in a way that can be influenced by the viewer.

The creators at Within have even released the assets and source code on GitHub so fans, creators and developers can sample, remix and mash-up the video in new ways.

The Under Neon lights music experience can be viewed on any web browser, PC, iOS or Android as well as through Google Daydream. Support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is being worked on.

The experience can be found by heading to the Within website.

The Chemical Brothers join other artists who have begun experimenting with VR, such as ‘virtual band’ Gorillaz and Icelandic pop singer Bjork.

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