Bullet Sorrow VR Leaves Steam Early Access, New Demo Now available

Four months ago VikingVRStudio released its first-person shooter (FPS) Bullet Sorrow VR on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive. Since then Oculus Rift support has been added and this week the video game has fully released for both platforms

Bullet Sorrow VR was built as an intense FPS for VR and with the official launch adds further gameplay elements into the mix. New maps and weapons have been added alongside a communication system and cross-platform combat.

Bullet Sorrow VR Screenshot_HR_(4)

The major update is a single-player mode with an infinite arena to battle against hordes of zombies and an additional storyline to the main game.

“We’ve been so happy with player feedback in the early access period,” said Zhou Jinyu, head of the Viking VR team. “We’re proud to bring players old and new the full version now. I’m also really pleased with our new features and content to really make it worth every penny!”

VikingVRStudio has also seen fit to bring back a demo of Bullet Sorrow VR, enabling players to get a feel for the title before purchase.

Checkout the full update log below and the new trailer. For further Bullet Sorrow VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

New Content- Single-player Mode

  • Map– Infinite arena in a well polished new PVE map;
  • Enemies types– New infectious zombie enemies;
  • Gene buff system– Currently 2 superpower buffs;
  • Storytelling– An additional storyline happened 13 years before main;
  • Soundtrack– New native speakers voice guides in arena mode;
  • Autonomic server– For players from all over the world;
  • New physical hit effects.

Online PvP:

  • Cross-platform– Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can join the game together with no limit;
  • Autonomic server– For players from all over the world;
  • Match System– Players can jump into an already started game at anytime;
  • Bullet Time– New bullet time force field with CD in PVP;
  • New maps– 3 well polished battle field to choose;
  • New weapons– Currently 7 new weapons to pick up in game, will add more;
  • Competition strategies– Players will need to co-op to choose several strategies to win
    the game;
  • Voice system– Communication is highly recommended in a fast-pace competition;
  • Ranking system– Unified ranking boarding for global players;
  • Props system;
  • Social system;
  • Reconnect strategies– Jump back to the game at anytime when internet is ready.

Additional Improvements:

  • Save points– Added in the first and second difficulties;
  • Rotation for Oculus users– Added, more fair on cross-platform
  • Aiming assistance indicator– Added in easy mode;
  • Machine gun indicator;
  • Enhance Explosive Barrels indicator;
  • Enhance Remaining Bullet UI;
  • Optimize HP indicator;
  • 16:9 ratio;
  • Breaking object effect added;
  • Optimize tutorial UI.