Bill Gates Posts his Adventures on Gear VR

The founder of Microsoft and self-proclaimed super-nerd Bill Gates has launched a 360-degree video channel on Gear VR to show his travel and adventures with technology.

The new channel is called Gates Notes, and so far features four videos in which Gates explores the potential for technology to improve the world we live in. Such as the video titled Small Innovations, which shows how small improvements that are barely noticeable can dramatically improve people’s lives.

The new channel is prominently featured on the Samsung Gear VR app, where Gear VR users can watch content such as a dialogue between Gates and fellow billionaire Warren Buffet.

The channel is not Gates’ first time experimenting with virtual reality (VR) technology. Last year he produced a 360-degree video featuring famed science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, who Gates has declared as one of his favourite writers. The two took a ride in a Tesla electric car and had a discussion, all of which was broadcast to VR users around the world.

There is as of yet little information on how often the Gates Notes channel is set to update, but Twitter updates from Gates indicate it should receive regular new content.

Some analysts have noted that it is curious that Gates is releasing this content on the Gear VR, which is acting as a competitor to Microsoft’s own mixed reality headset, the HoloLens. There has not yet been any word on what the official Microsoft reaction to this development it.

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