Arktika.1: How Global Warming Destroyed The World And Created An FPS

Roving VRFocus reporter Nina speaks to Jonathan Bloch from 4a Games, Executive Producer of Arktika.1, about the upcoming virtual reality (VR) post-apocalyptic shooter.

Arktika.1 is set in a Russian post-apocalyptic future where climate change has caused a new global ice age where the only habitable zones are close to the equator. Arktika.1 is the name of a colony that is exists on the site of a where a large Russian city used to be. The player’s job is to protect the colony from bandits, raiders and violent creatures.

Arktika.1 - OC3 (2)

Weapons that can be used for the job range from standard ballistic weapons such as exist today, to electromagnetic weaponry through to plasma and laser weaponry, all of which have their own effects and function in their own way.

Movement in the game is handled with a type of fixed point teleportation controlled by a ‘look and travel’ system which the developers believe to be the most intuitive and comfortable for the majority of players. There will be twelve areas to travel to an explore with a large amount of content.

Arktika.1 was built with the help of Oculus Studios and designed from the ground up to be used with Oculus Rift with Touch.

The title is planned for release in Q3 of 2017, though no price point has yet been set. Further information can be found on the 4A Games official website.

You can watch the full interview below. VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on upcoming VR titles.