UK retailer Game makes big push into VR

UK retailers have been slowly getting into the virtual reality (VR) field, offering a range of head-mounted displays (HMDs), demos, and other related peripherals. GAME, one of the largest specialist companies on the high street is making an even bigger push, with a recent mailshot detailing massive range of hardware and promotions.

The retailer is looking to cover all possible avenues into VR for consumers, from high-end headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, all the down to mobile units like Merge VR. For customers heading to one of GAME’s stores there’s 0% finance available, and the PlayStation VR is now back in stock.


If you’re looking for a PC to run a VR HMD, GAME also want’s to be your one stop shop. Everything comes from ASUS with three towers available. These start at £1099.99 GBP for the ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-UK037T, £1499.99 for the ASUS Oculus Ready G20CB-UK041T and the ASUS Oculus Ready G20CB-UK042T at £1799.99. The G11CD-UK037T also comes in two bundles, one with Oculus Rift and the other with Oculus Rift and Touch.

For those that would prefer a laptop over and desktop PC there’s also ASUS Strix GL702VM Gaming Laptop for £1249.99 or the ASUS ROG G752VS at a hefty £2199.99. The former has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 while the latter comes with a GeForce GTX 1070.

At the budget end of the spectrum and keeping things mobile there’s the Merge VR headset in its distinctive purple attire at £49.99, the Visor Pro for £29.99, or the cheap and cheerful Piranha ZEE Cardboard VR at £9.99, all of which are a great way to see what VR is all about without breaking the bank.

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