Timecode Systems Unveil New Technology for 360-Degree Video

Timecode Systems has revealed a new method to combine two of its products, the SyncBac Pro and Blink Hub to make filming virtual reality 360-degree footage easier.

The SyncBac Pro is an accessory for the GoPro camera system that allows wearable cameras, professional cameras and audio devices to be wirelessly synchronised together using long range RF signals. Blink Hub is a device which enables remote monitoring and control of camera systems. A new update coming to the Blink Hub will introduce a virtual reality feature that allows several GoPro cameras to be treated as if they were a single camera.

In a statement, a representative of Timecode had this to say: “Over the past few years, more and more video production companies, advertising agencies, and broadcast networks have started experimenting with VR filming, but integrating 360-degree content into professional production workflows has been time-consuming due to the manual process of synchronising the multiple streams of non-timecoded footage. The main challenge of using 360-degree content more in television is being able to capture and produce VR content to the same standards, and with the same efficiency, as mainstream multicamera filming methods. Whether there are six or 24 cameras in a spherical array, this solution takes the guesswork out of VR filming by making it easy to view, monitor, and control every camera centrally from a single screen on any smartphone, tablet, or Mac.”

Timecode system will be demonstrating the new technology at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, which will take place on 22nd-27th of April at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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