Targeted Guided Surgery AR System Cleared For Use In USA

Berlin-based company Scopis has won clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US for its augmented reality (AR) navigation system for ENT surgeries.

The technology provides visual guide paths superimposed over live imaging from the endoscope to guide surgeons towards difficult targets that may be hard to find with traditional methods.

The system relies on the Hybrid Navigation platform developed by Scopis that allows for real-time head tracking using optical and electromagnetic imaging, automatically aligning previously captured images with the real-time data coming in from the endoscope.

scopis AR medical tech

Use of virtual reality (VR) and AR technologies in medicine and health has been growing considerably. From Stryker using HoloLens to design new operating rooms, to 360-degree video of surgeries being broadcast across the world, to new therapies that us VR technology. In fact, it has been reported that medical VR will grow by 34% by 2022.

You can see videos of how the new Scopis surgery technology works below.

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