Update: Spy Turned Private Eye Archer Brings AR to iOS

Fans of animated TV show Archer will be able to help the characters on the show out with their cases with a new augmented reality (AR) smartphone app designed to work with the TV show.

Archer is scheduled to return to screens for viewers in the US on 5th April 2017. From that point, viewers can fire up the app on their iPhone or iPad and point it at certain designated targets on the screen, which will then trigger to provide clues to help the player solve the case. Archer and other characters from the show will even help out with hints, and sometimes a healthy dose of sarcasm and snark.

In addition to working with the TV show, the app can also be activated by certain things on the Archer official facebook page, Archer billboards and TV adverts which can offer additional clues for the dedicated. Players who work hard enough and solve all the cases might even be able to get their names on the door of Archer’s detective agency.

The Archer TV show began in 2009 and originally aired on the FX network. It is an adult animated show starring ‘The best Spy in the world’ Sterling Archer, who originally worked for the fictional ‘International Secret Intelligence Service’. As of Season 7, Archer and his team had been blacklisted from intelligence work, so set up as a private detective agency. The show is tongue-in-cheek and uses several deliberate anachronisms as part of its humour.

Archer P.I. is available for iOS and Android for free download.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Archer P.I. and other AR smartphone apps.

Update: VRFocus originally reported that the Archer P.I. app was only available for iOS. This information was in error and there is an Android version available for customers in the US. The article has been updated to reflect this. VRFocus apologises for the error.