SpinMagic to Challenge Google TiltBrush

Augmented Reality (AR) drawing and design tools like Google’s TiltBrush are very popular for designers and artists, as well as hobbyists. Now Adtile Technologies is bringing a new creative drawing AR app to the iPhone.

SpinMagic turns an iPhone into a kind of virtual paintbrush that changes 3D movement into art and sculpture. The app records movement in real time to translate physical actions into paint lines, which can be enhanced with a variety of effects, such as glitter, butterflies, hearts and many others.

The AR effects can be added to existing photos or to a video of a length of up to seven seconds. These can then be shared on social media, where they can be used to tell stories or highlight a particular place, feature or person.

“We are adding artistic flair into something very abstract. The user doesn’t need to know how to draw in air. The app literally does the magic by itself. SpinMagic turns your space into playful masterpieces of self-expression.” said Nils Forsblom, founder of SpinMagic and Adtile Technologies.

SpinMagic was created using Adtile Technologies’ MotionStack platform, which works with sensors in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to create a very accurate picture of the actions that the device is taking.

You can watch a video trailer for SpinMagic below.

AR and VR creative programs such as SpinMagic and TiltBrush are becoming increasingly popular. Not just for pure art, but also with regards to creating things like user interfaces with programs such as Sketchbox, and Unreal Engine’s VREditor tool.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on SpinMagic and other VR design tools as they come in.