Spin-Off Space Rift: Rogue A.I. Released for Gear VR

Space adventure videogame Space Rift was released last August for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but now Samsung Gear VR users have a chance to experience the Space Rift universe with new spin-off Space Rift: Rogue A.I.

In Space Rift: Rogue A.I. the player takes on the role of a pilot tasked with tracking down an A.I. transport ship which has took off to parts unknown after salvaging an unusual cargo, the player character’s task is to find out where the A.I. ship is going and why. The experience is essentially a space shooter, where the player must fend off attackers and asteroids, pick up power ups and spend credits to improve the ships stats.

The videogame has three difficulty levels with the standard labeling of Easy, Medium and Hard. There is a High Score function, and as you would expect, actions completed in Hard difficulty net more points towards the score than on lower difficulty settings.

Space Rift Rogue AI Screenshot_1


Space Rift was developed by independent game studio Vibrant Core, and the first Space Rift was the first virtual reality (VR) title released by the studio. Vibrant Core have released several ‘Making Of’ videos that go into a wealth of detail about the development process.

The original Space Rift was retitled to add ‘Episode 1’ and with the release of Space Rift: Rogue A.I. it seems likely that other games in the Space Rift universe will see release.

Space Rift: Rogue A.I. is out today for the Gear VR at a price of $4.99 (USD).

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