Spacemap Announces Beoncam – A 360-degree Panoramic Camera In A Smartwatch

The world's first 360-degree camera that is built into a smartwatch is announced by Spacemap

Singapore-based technology startup Spacemap have announced the world’s first 360-degree panoramic/190-degree hemispheric camera, built into a smartwatch. The device is described as ‘always-on’ to make it easier to quickly catch the perfect image.


The camera is designed to pair with an Android or iOS device for live-streaming or recording to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitch etc. The camera can pop out of the wristband to attach to a range of other mounts, such as a bicycle, tripod or helmet.

Spacemap have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $30,000 (USD), and backers can get 60% off the retail price of the device at $99.00 (USD). The device itself is lightweight and splash-proof, and features a ‘one-click’ system for activating or deactivating the device for ease of use.

“With Beoncam, we wanted to create wearable technology that plays a meaningful part in people’s lives,” said Rick Wong, director, Spacemap. “Because it’s always on, users can truly tell their stories – anytime, anywhere – and all without having to carry around bulky pieces of equipment. The wide range of features offered with Beoncam emphasizes our commitment to seamlessly working in all aspects of people’s daily living, whether it’s leisure time or during physical activity.”

VRFocus will keep you informed about further updates on the Beoncam

Image, Video on Beoncam

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