Rock Band VR Out Now

Harmonix finally releases the rhythm game franchise’s first venture into virtual reality (VR), which features an all-new gameplay style.

Rock Band VR will be available exclusively for Oculus Rift. It is available now on the Oculus Store for $49.99 (USD). There is also a limited-edition Rock Band VR bundle on Amazon, which consists of a digital code for Rock Band VR and a wireless controller patterned after the iconic Fender Stratocaster guitar and costs $69.99 (USD)

The developer previously released a video going into details on how the new gameplay and scoring system in ‘Performance Mode’ will work, which involves chaining together power chords into combos in time to the music, following the glowing indicators on the neck of the guitar to maximise the score. There is also Rock Band VR’s ‘Classic mode’ which veers closer to the game play from previous titles in the series, as it involves getting note-perfect runs through songs.


Harmonix have compared the difference between the two modes as being akin to the difference between a frenetic live performance versus a polished studio recording.

Rock Band VR is the first title in the series to feature a storyline campaign, which features the player taking on the role of the newest guitarist for the band Autoblaster, following their rise from playing in dingy backstreet clubs into stardom and sold-out stadiums.


There are 60 songs in the core Rock Band VR soundtrack, featuring songs from well-known artists such as Avenged Sevenfold, blink-182, David Bowie, The Foo Fighters, Maroon 5 and Rage Against the Machine, among many others. Harmonix are already planning the DLC packs that will be released in future, with plans already in motion for a Aerosmith DLC pack to be released starting from April.

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