Robo Recall Now Available for Free, Includes Full Source Mod

Epic Games’ Robo Recall has been one of the most highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) videogames since its debut at Oculus Connect 3, San Jose, in October last year. Today, the company has launched the full version of the videogame exclusively for Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch compatibility, available to download now for free via the Oculus Store.


In addition to a fully featured videogame experience, Epic Games has included mod compatibility with the title at launch. Robo Recall will support user-created content through the distribution of a complete non-commercial Robo Recall Mod Kit with full videogame source code. This will be available with C++ source through UnrealEngine.com with mod kit downloads managed by the Epic Games launcher, similar to that of the ARK Mod Kit and NVIDIA VR Funhouse Mod Kit.

According to Epic Games, “The mod toolkit will contain samples and link to tutorials demonstrating the creation of new guns, new enemies and new maps. Modders will be able to package their mods into .robo files that can be shared via hyperlinks (e.g. via forums supporting file attachments, Dropbox, or file sharing).”

Those who download the Robo Recall Mod Kit will gain access to the Robo Recall development team’s original assets and full source code to extend and build upon or recreate from scratch. They’ll be able to take any enemy, gun or level in Robo Recall and make their own version of it for others to experience. Furthermore, any combination of mods can be loaded at any one time.

Robo Recall screenshot

As an example of what can be created, Epic Games is also releasing a selection of the company’s own in-house mod packs, including a Fortnite Weapons Pack available from today.

Robo Recall is available to download via the Oculus Store now, for free. VRFocus has of course prepared a detailed review of Robo Recall, which will be available for your reading pleasure very soon.