Review: Dick Wilde

A wave shooter with bite.

After releasing tower defense title Kittypocalypse last year Bolvërk Games then turned its attention to creating a first-person shooter (FPS), which it has now launched. Taking on the zany ideals of its previous title the studio plumped for a wave shooter called Dick Wilde. 

Yes this is a wave shooter, there’s no moving around, ducking behind cover or going to find collectibles, it’s just you on a boat with a couple of guns and some American deep south animals to shoot your way through. Love it or hate it this genre of videogame in virtual reality (VR) has become popular for a reason, it’s easy to pick up and start playing, and feels highly interactive. The question is, does Dick Wilde standout from the crowd enough to warrant a purchase?

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Dick Wilde is certainly a comical, gun wielding shooter, with the titular character spitting out some southern drawl while you blast crocodiles, jumping fish, pooping seagulls, bugs, piranhas, sharks and other assorted animals. But does if offer something new that makes the title an essential purchase, no not really.

There are three areas to work through, and each one of those is split in three again, all offering increased levels of difficulty. This essentially boils down to the same things all wave shooters do, fling more enemies at you that take more hits to kill and remove more damage from you if they get close enough. It’s a tried and tested method which works well enough, it just depends on how much you enjoy fighting wave after wave of opponents.

Making sure there’s some variety in how you dispatch all these critters, one of the best features is certainly the weapon selection. You’re not inundated with a massive gun cabinet with a stupid amount of options, just an effective mix to suit most tastes and play styles. These range from pistols, a grenade launcher, harpoon guns, a shotgun, nail guns and several more. What makes all these weapons truly enjoyable to use is their dual functionality.

So the dual wield harpoon guns for example. You’d think they would be slow and relatively rubbish in a wave shooter but it does work fairly well especially at range. But when things really start to take a turn for the worst you can switch to its second option and rapid fire buzz saw blades which skim across the water. Likewise with the shotgun, its first mode spreads a wide shot while the second mode brings up a laser sight for range.

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To rack up the big points – it’s all about those leaderboards – in between each wave you’ll be given the option to choose one of four perks. This can be health, or a gun emplacement such as a mortar or minigun. It does add a bit more variety to the proceedings, but not loads.

Technically Dick Wilde is a well put together experience, the action is fast, fluid and fun. There’s never a moment where it feels sloppy or hamfisted. The trouble comes from the fact that it’s another generic wave shooter that takes the easy way out of dealing with motion in VR by not including it. There could’ve been hunting for crocs whilst actually wading through swamps, or a boat that you could fully move about in, defending from all sides. Unfortunately there’s none of that, so Dick Wilde falls into the ever expanding heap of average vidoegames.

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