Realize Mobile develop Mixed Reality training tool for dentists

Realize Mobile Communications Corp. announced the development of a dental treatment simulations system today, combining augmented reality (AR) with virtual reality (VR) to create a mixed reality (MR) training simulation for dentists.

As VRFocus has reported previously, dentistry has utilised AR and VR in training before, but this new system allows training to take place on physical practice models in real environments while guidance is provided from CGI overlays in the virtual space.

The new simulation system features sensors that track the locations of the patient, dentist and all the dental instruments in real-time. This enables CG images to be imposed onto video data, including information that cannot be seen with the naked eye, while simultaneously able to visually inspect the areas undergoing treatment. The practitioner can also refer to CG images to check the treatment plan against the current condition of the patient.

The area of dentistry has embraced VR/AR technology. From educational VR videogames showing children how to properly look after their teeth, to VR simulations training dentistry students. Nor is dentistry the only area using VR/AR/MR for training. Dassault Aviation is using VR to train future aircraft mechanics, and even hardware store Lowe’s is engaging in VR training to teach customers how to get better at DIY.

VRFocus will keep you updated on VR use in training and medicine.