ProBility Media And GlobalSim Bring VR Crane Simulator To Construction Industry

There is a great deal going on with training and education in virtual reality(VR) at the moment, and the construction sector is no exception. In an effort to increase safety while keeping costs down, ProBility and GlobalSim have launched a software library of virtual heavy equipment models for training.

ProBility and GolbalSim have reached an agreement to combine GlobalSim’s hardware and software with ProBility’s USA and Canada sales channels. The VR training platform uses real equipment controls combined with a VR headset for a properly immersive experience that allows operators to get familiar with the controls they will be using in the workplace. Using VR in this way means workers can spend longer getting familiar with the equipment while avoiding the expensive mistakes that inevitably come from learning in the real world.

Construction / Building

“We are incredibly excited to be partnered with ProBility on the launch of one of the first portable virtual reality training methods for the crane industry,” stated Jonathan McCurdy, Chief Executive Officer of GlobalSim. “What separates the GlobalSim VR platform from others on the market is the seamless integration of real-life controls and technology that allows operators to see their hands in the virtual environment. The result is a VR training product that provides an unparalleled amount of realism and still incorporates the GlobalSim training management system and simulation tools that are among the very best in the industry. Just as a commercial pilot learns to operate a complex aircraft in a simulator before ever flying an airplane, VR Construction Crane simulation technology can train a student to operate a crane, safely, efficiently and proficiently before ever turning on the engine. This dramatically increases the operators market value and offers not only an increased safety profile but a tremendous cost savings as well.”

“Providing high quality training to the $35 billion crane industry is paramount in our strategy of building our training and career advancement brand across multiple skilled trades,” stated Noah Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of ProBility. “We have recognized early that the crane industry is positioned for global growth and ProBility is positioned to deliver high quality training and eLearning to the hundreds of thousands of operators and potential operators in the industry. Providing virtual reality to the crane industry is just the first step in bringing a similar experience to many of the skilled trades. We look forward to building a long term relationship with GlobalSim and are excited to work together on additional products for different industries.”

The GlobalSim/ProBility system is configurable for a range of other industries and products, so may well be rolled out for other applications at the later date.

VR in training and education is a huge growth area, so VRFocus will continue to keep you updated.