Passengers: Awakening lands on Oculus Touch

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality today released a virtual reality (VR) experience on Oculus Rift with Touch based on the 2016 sci-fi film Passengers.

The VR game loosely follows the story of the film in that the starship Avalon is travelling to a new world with crew and passengers in hibernation when something starts going wrong with the ship. The player takes on the role of an awakened crew member, who must help Jim Preston (played in the movie by Chris Pratt) repair the ship before the ships systems fail and all the people still in hibernation die.

Passengers Awakening screenshot 2

Passengers: Awakening has about 20+ minutes of content, featuring multiple rooms that carefully re-create the sets and locations from the film. The gameplay is puzzle-based, with the player using the Oculus Touch controller – represented in-game as a multi-tool – to solve the various problems that occur within the ship.

Narrative puzzle games are becoming increasingly popular in VR. Passengers: Awakening joins other games such as indie puzzle game Luna, also for the Oculus Touch, or I Expect You To Die for the PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch. Passengers: Awakening will most likely be compared to Fox Innovation Lab’s The Martian: VR Experiencewhisking players to the surface of Mars last year on all three major headsets.

The videogame is single-player and is purely an Oculus Touch experience. It is out now in the Oculus Store, priced at £7.99 GBP.

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