Pacific Northwest Ballet dances into VR

Pixvana and Pacific Northwest Ballet create new 360-degree film Silent Resonance

The Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) has partnered with virtual reality (VR) platform Pixvana to create a new 360-degree ballet video entitled Silent Resonance.

Artistic Director Peter Boal and the Pixvana team worked together to create the PNB’s first VR project in the hopes of using the technology to reach audiences who are new to ballet. Pixvana worked closely with the PNB dancers and choreographer Price Suddarth in the PNB studio to create the film, making sure the dancers were the perfect distance from the cameras and positioning them so that there would not be problems when the footage needed to be stitched together.

Silent Resonance 3

The film was directed by Pixvana CTO and Creative Director Scott Squires, who had this to say: “I’ve been interested in doing a ballet project for VR for awhile now and PNB was an ideal partner – they were so excited about the technology and its potential to bring a fresh perspective to the arts. It’s a great way to achieve a more intimate experience with your audience, reach new people outside of the Seattle area, and create visuals that would be impossible to match on a traditional stage.”

“I took inspiration for this work from the virtual reality concept itself,” explained choreographer Suddarth. “In VR, the intention is to immerse the viewer entirely into a different world. With that idea in mind, I sought out to create a short work that provided the viewer a glimpse into the mind of a dancer. In the piece you see the struggle, the conflict, the joy, and the complex beauty that is the heart and soul of a dancer.”

Silent Resonance 2

“We are excited about the doors this collaboration opens,” said PNB’s Boal. “We’re seeing one art form enhance another and the sum total is inspiring. Innovative choreography and exquisite dancers are seen in a new light, through a new lens, and by new audiences.”

You can watch the film Silent Resonance below.

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